About Us

We are a New Zealand based company, made for the punters by the punters. You have most likely seen our stalls, banners and flags or even our products if you have spent any time at NZ festivals and gigs in the last few years. Remember that guy vibing out in the mosh with the buzzy glasses getting everyone to try them on? Yup, those are ours. 

We are believers in the mantra: Work hard, play hard. During the day we are busy packing your orders and doing all the boring stuff to make sure a brand like ours can keep thriving and expanding. At night is when the party starts. You can catch us at all the best gigs and festivals with our stalls, vibing out and interacting with all the people. If you ever see us out and about, come up and say what's up.

If we aren't at the stall, we are likely running our own events. Based in East Auckland, Misbehave is the biggest bi-monthly event in the area, and it's only upwards from here.


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