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Fucken love them, can't complain at all

Diffraction Glasses
Chloe McMillan
Diffraction Glasses

I have recently purchased the diffraction glasses with the prism and spiral effect and they are exactly how advertised can’t wait to try them out at my first rave they are definitely trippy and worth the money to trip
out also very quick shipping

Purge Mask
Lan Krill

Purge Mask

Diffraction Glasses
Jarrod Holtmeulen

Best investment for getting on the gear and wigging out


Diffraction Glasses
Tijana Starcevic
Perfect for Ultra coming up 🥰🥰

Everyone around me is already asking where I bought them and I haven’t even been at a festival yet.👍🏼

Good as

Best thing I wish I hadn't lost..

Everyone in our crew enjoyed dancing away with the glasses, good vibe all round! Diffraction isn't too intense so you can still move about without taking them off but the one size fits all was a little wide for one of our mates though..

We loved them but devastatingly lost them to the mud first day of NB never to be found 😭 sad times w/o them

Diffraction Glasses
Huang Shihcheng

Diffraction Glasses

Diffraction Glasses
Lachlan Ford
Diffraction glasses

These are amazing. Not too overpriced and you get the best experience wearing them.

Diffraction Glasses
James Borowiec

Really like them great fit aswell

Diffraction Glasses
Josh Dawson
Cool product

They work just as advertised, happy purchase

Sick glasses

Great for festivals

Purge Mask
Lani Ngakopu
5 stars boiiii

The mask was a big hit at the event I went to on the 4th Nov.
Was constantly asked if the mask was selling at the event and even had a couple of people ask for photos. 10/10
All in all I will definitely be ordering from you guys again for my next event! Thank you

Diffraction Glasses
Tarkyn Hyde
Rave wear glasses

The coolest thing ever for festivals 10/10 would recommend for anyone who loves the lights

Race wear glasses

They are great if i wear them for long enough taking them off makes my eyes trip out but they are great at music festivals


Honestly so bloody good! So durable and such quick shipping!!! All I know is I’ll be getting the rest of the collection!

Tron Mask (With App)
Ryan Birchall-Feeney
Dope mask

Well worth the cash, awesome product!

EL Glasses
Jarrod Thompson
El glasses

Great product but has 2 downfalls.. 1, the glasses have a bulky cord and battery pack (batteries not included) that isn’t very long so you MUST have a breast pocket to store or you have to hold all night. 2, the lenses are see through which, after an hour of flashing lights 1/2 an inch from your eyes, causes your eyes to become rather sore. I got a lot of compliments and people really enjoyed them. 4/5

Best purchase ever

So glad I purchased these before synthony in the domain. Everyone that tried them on loved them. Will definitely purchase more


Makes festy activities so much better definitely recommend 🔥🙌

Diffraction Glasses
Jacob Meikle
Wow amazing

Looks great at gig, very good ice breaker

Visual Effects

Effects on lens starting to wipe off after one use. Other than that really good

Lit 🔥

Fan and Glasses are awesome!!!

EL Glasses
EL glasses

annoying they have to be plugged in. should make them rechargeable like so they can be charged up and then worn without having to be plugged in all the time, makes them very heavy. other than that i like them and look forward to using them at electric ave x